Wednesday, August 24, 2005

We love our new house. It's as big as 3 of the homes we've already had... combined. The house is around 2200 s.f.. Our trailer in Auburn was 50 x 10 or 500 s.f., and our house in Moulton was about 900 s.f.. Add that to the <700 s.f. of our house in England and you get 2200. Of course, we'd like to have 4 kids and that 2200 s.f. will seem much smaller then.

We've got around and acre lot at the end of a cul de sac. A cotton farm makes up the scenery behind us, which means that it is nice and quiet. Couple this with the fact that I'm about 12 minutes from my office and you see why we picked the place.

But the absolute best part of the house is the big bonus room upstairs. The folks who owned it before had it decked out in a Tennessee Titans theme and it was obvious from the big flat-screen TV and the bar that they entertained quite a bit. Of course, I'm way too cheap to buy an expensive TV, so I figured out how to get a big screen TV for free.

It turns out that an old-old-old school big screen TV had been waiting at the Christian Student Center for a home. They had been trying to give it away for years. The catch is that it is front-projection (making it stick out about 4 feet) and it weighs a ton. Undaunted by these things, two weeks ago I rounded up 3 guys and we loaded the behemoth in my $500 truck and took it to my house. Words cannot convey the pain and toil we endured getting it up the stairs, but 20 steps and 2 large holes in the wall later, it was in its new home. I'll try to post pics of the TV and the house soon.

Last night we had a blast with around 40 college kids at our house. The girls stayed downstairs and played games, which Helen loved, and the guys went upstairs and watched "The Gods Must Be Crazy"... always a hit. We scarfed down every bit of 10 pizzas and lots of cookies. The last students left just before midnight. Welcome back to campus ministry, Michael!

Friday night is our first major event... a Napoleon Dynamite party at the Christian Student Center. Vote for Pedro. Classes start on Monday. More later...


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