Friday, November 04, 2005

Okay, it's true. I've never been this busy for a prolonged period in all my life. Between teaching and directing and leading mission trips and trying to be a halfway decent husband and father, I have barely had time to daydrea

What was I doing?

Oh yeah, anyway, so here it is November and I wonder where the first 4 months on the job have gone. One thing is for sure -- I love it.

I have yet to post any New Orleans pics, so here are a couple from our group:

A boat where it obviously should not be - 7 weeks after the storm.

One of our guys demonstrating the floodline in a mold-filled house. We de-mucked many like this, always with protective gear.

Our group proudly demonstrating their school letters. The picture was taken in the Tammany Oaks church building which is now also used as a warehouse for a myriad of different things. While we were there, the Bruce Willis Foundation sent 6,000 backpacks with school supplies for kids in New Orleans. Here is a letter written to the BWF from Janet Hines, coordinator of efforts at the church.


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