Monday, September 19, 2005

Though I've never considered myself a 'circuit preacher' (nor have I wanted to be), I've been putting the miles on lately and will continue to do so for a while. I've been to Nashville, Shelbyville and Winchester and preached here at our church all in the past month. This weekend I'm doing homecoming at Auburn, then to Nashville, Tullahoma, and then to Moulton. And, as a sure sign that the end is near, I have been invited to teach a campus ministry class at the Freed-Hardeman lectures in February. Of course, part of my class will be teaching things like the fact that people shouldn't be going places like Freed-Hardeman for undergrad education... ironic.

Since I love anything that compares the Limeys and the Yanks, I have to include this article from the WSJ. So now I know that Jon is simply eccentric.

Speaking of the UK, the Pahl's have some initial observations about life there as compared to the prairie land of Canada. I concur.


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