Friday, November 04, 2005

Though I usually don't like a flurry of posts, I don't know when I'll get a chance to blog again, so...

The Fall (Autumn) around Murfreesboro has created tremendous scenery, and I took a coupld of pics the other day of some particularly neat trees near campus. When the sun is out the drive down the street beside the student center is unbelievable.

That's my ride - the maroon '91 Accord with 247k miles... eat your heart out.

The tree right outside my office. This was taken 3 days ago and today is even better.

For my Anglo and anglophile friends, I refer you to two places. The first is a test to see how British you are done by the BBC. The second is an article which recently appeared in the editorial section of the Guardian written by Tony Blair on climate change. It is very good and I can't imagine a modern sitting president of any stripe ever composing such a piece. Of course, I know that JT voted Labour reluctantly, but I'd think he's proud of his man on this issue.

It should be worth mentioning that Helen, at 16 months, is now almost completely potty trained. Not a world record or anything, but a saver in terms of energy and diapers.

Now, off to eat lunch with a Chinese friend.


Blogger Barclay said...

my only question: has there been a starr orr sighting yet?

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